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online jewellery shopping in UAE


Jewellery Purchase is normally a private affair and most of the time customer wants to visit the showroom to check the jewellery or to have a feel of the jewellery. In Some countries, Jewellery purchase is a family affair and 4 to 5 members of the family visit the jewellery shop to check and buy jewellery. But Post COVID 19, a sizable part of customers are opting for Online Jewellery shopping. The trend is increasing especially in Metro Cities and 2 and 3 tier cities.

In Dubai too, the Online Jewellery shopping is increased and customers are now opting for online for their small gift purchases like rings, earrings, small chain etc. The favorite category of Online Jewellery shoppers are Diamond jewellery compared to gold jewellery. This is may be because on most Jewellery online sites, the prices of Diamond Jewellery are not changed daily and/or there are more discount offers on diamond Jewellery compared to gold Jewellery.

We in bafleh offering online jewellery purchase of 18kt, 21kt, 22kt and Gold Bars with special price. We are also offering Online Diamond Jewellery through our Website or Social Media Handles. We have a facility of Home delivery for jewellery anywhere in UAE. Customers can also book jewellery online and they can visit any one of our 7 showrooms in UAE to pick up their booked jewellery.