Gemstones are basically rocks and minerals found under the earth. Their characteristics, such as lustre, inclusions, color, transparency and aesthetic value make them attractive, hence their usage in jewellery and related adornments.

Essentially, gemstones are rocks. The chemical composition, availability, rarity, demand and appearance categorize them as precious or semi-precious. Found in nearly every color imaginable to the human mind, several gemstones can also be categorized as birthstones.



Birthstones are gemstones that have been associated each with one month of the year representing a person’s birth month or zodiac. Some gemstones are said to represent the nine planets and are labelled as Astrological stones. Either of which is allegedly said to aid in various issues of health, fortune, love and luck as they reduce or enhance the effects of planets on the individual. However there is no clear proof of this. Astro-gems are associated with 9 planets and have a substitute each however Birthstones are assigned to the months, where is it possible to have more than one birthstone for a given month.